computer forensics Toronto


computer forensics Toronto

Digital Wyzdom combines computer expert forensics and electronic data discovery to produce high quality digital evidence. We have uncovered electronic evidence in cases as diverse as fraud, theft of intellectual property, computer misuse and contract dispute. By focusing on information recovery and insightful analysis, we produce findings which our clients can rely on. We respond quickly and efficiently to clients, and we report in more than six languages. We have investigated business threats worth in excess of 100 Million dollars with an unparalleled level of success. At Digital Wyzdom we unlock digital evidence and empower you in building your case.


Remember, don't plead your case, PROVE IT!


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computer forensics Toronto

Computer Forensics and Evidence Recovery Service

Computer forensics is the recovery of deleted computer-based information and the science of examining and piecing back together the who, what, when, where, and how of computer-related activities.


Using computer forensics we can help  legal counsels identify, acquire, restore, and analyze electronic data for litigation requirements. From tape restoration to hard drive imaging, our full-time, certified forensic, discovery, and testifying experts are highly experienced in acquiring data from NT, Novell, Unix, Linux servers and PCs, amongst others.


The Investigation Process


The first phase of electronic discovery is the identification of likely sources of relevant information. Our consultants guide the client through this critical step to help ensure that data is not overlooked. We help you prepare for depositions, review requests to produce, and go on-site to inventory the data and look for hidden sources. For complex cases, we work with you to develop a comprehensive E-discovery process plan, including what to collect from which custodians.



Identification of data is only the first step. Once identified, we safely gather the electronic evidence. We take care to prevent contamination and to maintain a robust and fensible chain-of-custody. Three critical components of electronic evidence collection are Tools, Training, and Process. We use forensically sound tools, and our staff has the expertise, training and experience. We follow written protocols and procedures to ensure that our work product withstands scrutiny in all jurisdictions.



Once gathered, data must be made readable and useable. Once again, important information may not be retrievable without tested forensic procedures and documentation. Unfortunately, today's legal counsels are often encouraged to collect and restore huge volumes of data. This unfettered approach greatly increases the cost of electronic discovery, adding thousands of dollars for processing, as well as the cost of attorney review time. We can help our clients avoid any unnecessary restoration of data, while ensuring that potentially relevant data, including encrypted, compressed, and password-protected files, are addressed.



Filtering data received in electronic discovery can save both time and money. We can use a variety of methods and tools to make large volume of data more manageable for our clients to review.



Digital Wyzdom provides the data in a number of ways. We can provide copies of the data selected for review and offer recommendations for software to view and organize your evidence. We can also make our staff available to conduct reviews under your direction and to collaborate with your current litigation support vendor to import data into your system of choice. In addition, we work with a variety of national tools and providers to offer you complete data conversion to TIFF or PDF formats, as well as print hard copy.



Each discovery comes with detailed written reports and analyses to support our findings. We also have a wealth of experience providing expert testimony in federal and state court. Although not all cases reach trial, careful attention to detail in the early stages of electronic discovery builds solid expert testimony.



All electronic evidence collected by Digital Wyzdom is carefully backed up and stored in a secure area to support strict legal chain of custody procedures.


Further information

Digital Wyzdom's Computer Forensics and Evidence Recovery helps you unlock digital evidence and empower you in building your case.