workplace Investigation Toronto


workplace Investigation Toronto

In today’s workplace environment, most employee’s digital activities leave and electronic trail behind. Data is easily transferred and manipulated on mass storage devices and electronic corporate files can be tampered with. As such, the need for digital forensics has never been greater or more relevant when dealing with workplace-related legal matters. Numerousfactors including multi-jurisdictional labour laws, collective agreements and privacy regulations significantly affect workplace investigations.


At DigitalWyzdom, one of Canada’s leading dedicated security consulting firms, we have created a specialty practice within our Digital Forensics group focused solely on the unique challenges and sensitivities of Workplace Investigations. Our consultants have extensive experience providing digital forensic services to many of Canada’s top-tier legal firms as well as several of Canada’s medium and large corporations.


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workplace Investigation Toronto

How We Do It

We have found that most workplace investigations are conducted in two phases. The initial phase consists of the following steps:

workplace Investigation Toronto Consulting with the client and external legal counsel
workplace Investigation Toronto Taking appropriate action to remove or sequester the employee(s)from the workplace in order to limit the _damage or loss Conducting interviews
workplace Investigation Toronto Gathering documentary and IT evidence
workplace Investigation Toronto Quantifying the damage or loss
workplace Investigation Toronto Preparing a report to justify termination or discipline


In the second phase, following the employee’s terminationor disciplinary action, we continue to support the client and their counsel by:

workplace Investigation Toronto Conducting physical surveillance
workplace Investigation Toronto Tracing missing assets
workplace Investigation Toronto Liaising with insurance companies
workplace Investigation Toronto Supporting counsel in litigation to recover assets


Although it is rare for clients to involve the police, in the event that they wish to pursue criminal charges against a former employee, we will liaise with law enforcement and provide them with a comprehensive brief of evidence, therefore minimizing their need to re-investigate.


We provide investigational support in the following areas:

workplace Investigation Toronto Fraud: Insider Trading, Bribery, Secret Commissions
workplace Investigation Toronto Theft: Inventory, Data, Intellectual Property
workplace Investigation Toronto Harassment: Sexual, Workplace
workplace Investigation Toronto Litigation: Wrongful dismissal, E-Discovery, Anton Pillar Orders
workplace Investigation Toronto IT Forensics: Recovery of erased data, Email analysis
workplace Investigation Toronto Asset Tracing and Recovery
workplace Investigation Toronto Background Investigations
workplace Investigation Toronto Forensic Accounting